Doris Hood Memorial Scholarship

Doris Hood Memorial Scholarship

  • affirm that I plan to pursue a career related to service to animals. I affirm that the information contained herein is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief.

    Exclusion: No relative of any (current/former) Selection Committee Member, or Animal Allies Board Member, or any substantial Animal Allies Contributor is eligible to receive this scholarship.

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Doris Hood,
More than Special

A kinder soul you will never meet
Gentle, loving, forever sweet
A special friend, a heart so true
Always knowing just what to do
If a tear you shed, she would wipe it away
If you were down, she would brighten your day
If you were scared, she’d calm your fear
If you needed a friend, she would always be there
A total giver of everything good
Giving her all as only she could
One of a kind in every way known
Her caring nature would always be shown
Two or four legged, stranger or friend
Doris would help you, her hand she would lend
Whatever it was that you needed to do
Her huge heart of gold would help you get through
How can it be that our angel is gone?
We need her with us so we can go on
Goodbye my dear friend though we part for a while
In my heart, I hold close your beautiful smile
I will watch for your spirit it will be here I know
And when it’s most needed is when it will show
And until that sweet day when we meet once again
I will honor your memory, my dear special friend.