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Ending Needless Suffering

Animal Allies is an all volunteer nonprofit 501(c)3 (your donations are tax-deductible!) organization dedicated to ending the needless suffering and exploitation of animals.

Animal Allies was founded in 1994 with the notion that a small group of dedicated individuals could truly make a difference.

We saw the suffering of animals in the greater Manchester area and beyond and knew that through education and hard work, we could help to make their futures just a little bit brighter.

We share a common respect and concern for all animals and oppose cruelty in any form, promoting animal welfare through humane education and community action.


Strength in Numbers to Stop Suffering

We share a common respect and concern for all animals and we oppose cruelty in any form.

We believe that all animals are entitled to the basic right not to suffer as so many of them silently do.

We also believe there is strength in numbers and that together, we can stop the silent suffering.
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Animal Welfare

We promote animal welfare through humane education and direct community action.

We educate the public about the suffering that millions of animals are forced to endure each day at the hands of humans.

Our Main Goal: Countdown to Zero

Each year, too many healthy cats, dogs, and other animals are put to death in NH shelters – simply for lack of a home.

We are constantly striving to decrease the number of these killings, and we won’t rest until that number is zero.[/one_half_last]


Spay and Neuter

Since our inception in 1994, Animal Allies has assisted thousands of people with spaying and neutering their animals.

Volunteers return calls made to the 1-800-990-SPAY line and work as a referral source locating the best low cost program for each person that calls.

We also have our own program where we offer low cost monthly spay/neuter clinics to those who cannot afford the full cost.

Through the generosity of our supporters, we will continue to do this until we reach our Zero Goal.

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