Animal Allies Needs Your Help

There are tons of ways to help dogs and cats in need.

Adopt a cat.

Adopt a Cat or Dog

We have many animals that need a loving home.

Please consider adding a furry four-pawed friend to your family.

Please fill out an adoption application.

Donate Money

You can donate once, or for the greatest effect, make your donation repeat monthly.

Buy Magazines for Animal Allies

Animal Allies has teamed up with to bring you your favorite magazines at great prices, and a portion of the proceeds goes directly to Animal Allies to help further our mission!

Now there’s a win/win deal!

Donate Your Old Cell Phone!

Cash for Critters is a fundraising program — one of the easiest and fastest ways to raise funds available today! With this program, we collect digital cell phones.

We get paid cash for the phones we collect — up to $2.50 for each digital cell phone.

Just save up your phones, turn them in to us, and help us fund our work!

Become an Animal Allies Member

We gladly welcome new members!

Our goal cannot be reached alone, and it is YOU that will make the difference.

Just fill out our short questionnaire and show your support today!

Volunteer: Donate Your Time or Talents

There are currently just a few very special, dedicated people doing this work, and they could use a hand!

You can volunteer at Animal Allies.

We are always looking for volunteers to help with our tabling events, posting literature and fundraising so we can help more animals.

We can always use help with our many endeavors.

Phone Work

We need volunteers to help return phone calls and provide the necessary information to those inquiring about low-cost spay/neuter programs available to them.

Feral Cat Work

We need volunteers in the area to help drive the patients that are to be spayed and neutered to the vet.

We are always looking for volunteers who can help us assess stray cat colonies and assist with trapping .

We Need Warm Barns!

We need people who have warm barns that can take feral cats that we assist who cannot be returned to their area.

Foster Cats

You can foster a kitten or cat.

Foster Feral Kittens

Foster homes are always in high demand, especially in the spring, when there are too many feral kittens for the few regular foster homes that we have.

Taming feral kittens is fun and very rewarding, especially when you see them come around and turn into little loves and go into their new forever home because you took the time to care.

Don’t be afraid to take the step and call us for more information.

Experienced volunteers are readily available every step of the way to assist you with any fostering or other kind of volunteer work you may choose.

Foster a Tame Cat or Kitten

Animal Allies has many cats and kittens that need to be looked after until they can be adopted into permanent homes.

While we work hard to find these homes, your home may provide a temporary haven for these needy animals who have had such a difficult life so far.

If you cannot commit to adopting a cat for its whole life, or if you have some extra space that needs a cat to fill it, fostering may be the best way to get a cat into your life, and very likely, straight into your heart.

Please fill out a foster application.