On a cold morning in October, Animal Allies received a frantic call from someone who was using a wood chipper machine and much to his surprise, there was a kitten in there.

Look at Miracle the cat!The tiny kitten that was only 3 days old, was cut open very deeply from ear to ear.

Miracle was rushed to a local animal hospital where she was stitched up; the doctor wasn’t sure she would make it but we wanted to give her a chance.

Miracle was put in foster that night where she needed to be bottle-fed every two hours. She also needed to be tube fed.

Living up to her name, Miracle miraculously began eating on her own.

Despite suffering brain damage from the incident, Miracle has found her forever home, where she is treated like a queen.

She is indeed a very lucky kitty!

In her honor, Animal Allies established a fund for animals just like Miracle who need special care and a chance to recover.

The Miracle Medical Fund will be used for the veterinary care of special cases like this special girl.

Won’t you consider donating to this important fund today?

Your gift could help save the life of a sweet kitty like Miracle, who is only one stroke of luck away from their forever home.

The animals thank you.

Donate to Animal Allies, Manchester, New Hampshire