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Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a cat! Below you will discover cats currently in need of sponsorship with a brief description of each. If you are able, we would love financial assistance in caring for them. A donation of $10 or $20 per month or a one-time donation is greatly appreciated. Please use the donate button below.

If you have questions, please contact us to learn how you can help.

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SOCKS – Socks was returned from adoption when her owners found out she had kidney disease as they did not want to treat it 🙁 They also returned her brother for really no reason at the same time. Socks is approximately 5 years old and is the sweeeeetest cat ever. She loves attention and will roll around for it. She has moderate kidney disease. She needs sub cue fluids 2x a week (we can train you, it’s easy!).

MARAMALADE – Marms was living outside and being fed by a nice couple for a few years before they contacted us for help because he was limping. Marms is approximately 5 years old. He has FIV but no health issues or concerns related to it. He is a bit shy at first but once he knows he is safe he loves to be loved. His coat is extra long and he does an amazing job of keeping it groomed, but does enjoy brushing as well. He does great with other cats.

ROMEO – Romeo’s owner passed away and the Raymond PD contacted us to take his 2 cats left behind. When we went to the home to catch them, we found a third already deceased cat on the floor 🙁 Romeo is approximately 5 years old and is a super, super, lovebug. He has FIV but has only battled some upper respiratory with it so far. He wants nothing more than to be moved and will climb on you anywhere and lay like a baby in your arms. He gets along okay with other cats but is dominant and gets jealous for attention if you are giving it to another cat.

MOE – Moe was living outside with several other cats on Winter Street in Manchester before we stepped in to trap and get them off the street. He is a special boy. He is approximately 5 years old and was on the streets for a while and his face full of scars shows this. He has FIV but hasn’t had any health issues related to this. He has had a dental and is doing great. He is shy and needs some time to warm up, but he loves to be pet and loved once he does so. He is great with other cats.

TASHA – Tasha came to us with her kittens from an area where there were many cats living outdoors in Northwood. Her kittens were adopted easily and we thought she would come around, but she has never fully done so. Tasha is approximately 5 years old and is a very nervous cat but if given the one on one attention we think she may come around, or she would make a great second cat as she LOVES over cats and rubs against them and purrs loudly. She is a beautiful girl who was living outside with may other cats in Northwood.