What We Do

Ending Pet Overpopulation

Adopt dogs and cats, don't shop.

Our primary focus is to end pet overpopulation.

We have a minimum of two spay-netuer clinics each month. We work with existing low-cost spay neuter assistance programs and local veterinarians and provide financial assistance to individuals to have their animals altered.

Our volunteers retrieve messages from the Spay Line (1-800-990-SPAY), a toll-free message center sponsored by STOP (Solutions to Overpopulation of Pets).

We advise pet owners in the State of New Hampshire of the best assistance programs available.

Feral Cat Management

Trap, Neuter, Return cats to feral colonies.

[one_half]We also focus on feral cat colony management, employing the Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) philosophy.

We have fully funded hundreds of spay/neuter surgeries for these cats and work on several colonies throughout New Hampshire.

Volunteers humanely trap the cats and kittens, spaying and neutering all, and then assess each cat individually.

Friendly cats are adopted into new, loving homes, and feral kittens are put into foster homes to be worked with so they begin to trust humans. They are then adopted out.

Feral cats too wild to be adopted are returned to their area after recovering from spaying or neutering and receiving their vaccines.

Animal Allies does humane community outreach.

They are then fed and cared for by the kind people who originally contacted us for assistance.

Community Education

We also devote time to community education.

We encourage the adoption of shelter animals and promote awareness of the benefits of spaying and neutering.

We work throughout many communities, offering assistance to people who have large numbers of stray cats in their areas.


Volunteers also devote their time to feral cat clinics and are always working on new fundraising projects that will provide the funds to allow us to continue our very important work.

Media outreach for animals.

Media Outreach

We actively reach out to the community through the available media.

One of our more successful ventures was Paws to Consider, a weekly adopt-a-pet program featuring animals available for adoption.

This show ran for eight years and helped many animals find new loving homes.

We have also produced shows on other animal welfare issues, including animals used in circuses and the greyhound racing industry.

We hope to do more shows on a variety of other topics in the very near future.